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Welcome to the Early Childhood Development website! 

Early Childhood Development (ECD) is a critical period in our children’s lives. ECD begins from before children are born until the age of eight years. This website provides information and resources on a range of ECD topics for parents and other caregivers.


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June 19, 2017
Category: General
Posted by: mrktgLead

Listen to these Children's Music Compositions to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee:

Shah ...

Publisher: ECD Team
Date: June 19 2017
March 23, 2017
Category: General
Posted by: dilshad

TED Talk from Carol Dweck, a leading researcher who investigates how we can grow a child’s brain ...

Author: Carol Dweck
Publisher: TED

This website has a range of information for parents and other family members of young children. You can navigate the website by clicking on the phase of life you are in with your child in the bar across the top of the page, of by clicking on the links here: 

This website also has a range of other ECD information. Scroll down to the bottom of each page for the following, or click on the links here: 

Our News centre keeps you up-to-date with the latest developments in ECD in Canada and around the world. Finally, our Events centre has a list of the ECD-related programs and activities in each region.

Remember - although early childhood is a critical part of development, human development is a lifelong process - it begins at conception and continues through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Parents, families, and communities play important - though different roles - in their children's development and well-being throughout their lives.


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