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SheLeads: Munira Premji

Munira reminds us to choose hope and live life with gratitude.

Published January 20, 2021
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Munira Premji, mother, wife, daughter, aunt, friend, and companion - these are just a few titles that Munira Premji holds dearly. However, most recently, the world has come to know her as a Cancer Warrior. Munira has battled 3 advanced cancers in her lifetime (within a span of 5 years), and she is still fighting multiple myeloma, an incurable form of cancer. However, she does not let challenges get her down. Those who meet Munira often state that their life instantly changed for the better after conversing with her.

Munira, or Muni, as most call her, is a Human Resources Practitioner by profession, as well as an advocate for health and personal growth. She is a beacon of hope and resilience, and someone that many look up to as a role model.

Munira is the author of a very uniquely written book entitled: “Choosing Hope: 1 Woman, 3 Cancers”. She is also a blogger, a podcast host, and much more. Munira is an avid volunteer, be it giving of her time and expertise to moderate or host webinars, facilitating the 12-week Family Connections program for individuals and caregivers with mental health concerns, taking the time to highlight ordinary people doing extraordinary things via her podcast, or supporting fellow cancer patients - she is always one who brings out the very best in people!

Munira reminds us to choose hope everyday and live our lives with gratitude. This 4 letter word changed her life, and it is something she continues to pay forward. Munira Premji teaches us all that when you choose hope, anything is possible.

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