In Focus

AKAH Helps Communities With Sustainable Design

Thoughtful design eases environmental and social challenges
Yasmin Rajwani

Oases of Peace and Culture

In crowded cities, the Aga Khan Trust for Culture fosters green spaces that give renewal and respite
Malika Ladha

Why Makaśa Looking Horse is Fighting for the Right to Water

An Indigenous activist on how a lack of access to clean water is affecting First Nations communities 
Malika Ladha

Letter From the Editors

The Sustainability Issue explores environmental stewardship and the role of nature in Islam.
Alia Dharssi and Anar Rajabali

East Meets North at the Aga Khan Garden, Alberta

The world’s northernmost Islamic garden puts a Canadian spin on Muslim tradition
Malika Ladha

How Architecture is Promoting Sustainability

Six buildings with creative designs help communities protect the environment
Serena Halani and Yasmin Rajwani

Using Community Mobilization and Science to Build Climate Resilience

Q&A with the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat’s General Manager Onno Ruhl

From Field to Market to Table

Aga Khan Foundation Canada helps farmers across Asia and Africa develop sustainable practices

Supporting Education With Safe Sanitation

Manavta empowers children and communities by building toilets
Malika Karim

Reclaiming Bumpers From Trash

Alim Boflo and Bashir Jamal turned a business challenge into an environmental enterprise.
Omar Rawji and Sayli Safarmamad

Planning for the Environment

Benafsha Amiri plans for the planet, one container and bus at a time
Aabida Dhanji Madhani

Calling for Climate Action

Student activist Sofia Somani-Slater rallies for environmental stewardship
Yasmin Rajwani