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Investing Master Class Video Series

May 6, 2021 | Canada

Whether you're a financial expert or new to the world of investing, the Wealthsimple video series will give you a good grasp of concepts used in investing, without the use of complicated jargon. You can complete the entire series (Video #1 - #10) in less than 45 minutes, or use the menu below to view videos you feel will serve you best. What you'll learn:

  1. The Stock Market  (2:59) - Before you learn the details of how to invest, this episode will give you a good background on the stock market.
  2. Investing 101  (3:00) - Learn the difference between the two main investing philosophies and how to avoid the biggest rookie mistakes.
  3. Saving vs. Investing  (2:41) - There's a time for saving and a time for investing. Learn how to make each strategy work for you.
  4. The Five Simple Rules of Investing  (8:00) - This episode will take you from novice to expert investor in minutes, with time-tested advice from the best financial minds.
  5. The Waterfall Method  (4:48) - From killing debt to building wealth, we'll tell you exactly where to put your money to make sure it's working as hard as possible.
  6. Automating Your Finances (3:09) - Put your money on autopilot, and let technology to work for you.
  7. Should I Pay Somebody to Help? (3:53) - We'll walk you through the pros and cons of using an advisor, and set you up for success if you choose to DIY.
  8. Socially Responsible Investing  (2:19) - You don't have to compromise on your values to make a profit in the stock market.
  9. When It's Actually Okay to Pick Stocks  (2:37) - Consider this your primer on how to take risks responsibly.
  10. How Much Do I Need to Retire? (2:36) - You've learned how to build wealth. Now get an idea of exactly how much you'll need for the future.

Visit the Investments section on iiCanada’s Financial Well-Being page for useful resources, tools, and information on investing and investments.

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