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Financial Courses and Tools

Financial preparedness means peace of mind for you and your family. It is critical for Jamati members to assess their finances and spending habits, especially during times of uncertainty. Taking a course or using tools to learn more about topics such as budgeting can help you escape unhealthy spending habits that lead to personal credit debt.

Living within your means entails setting personal financial goals and balancing your income with household expenses. It also means setting aside savings for key life events such as getting married, purchasing a home, pursuing higher education, retirement planning, and any unexpected crises.

Learn more about how to take simple steps toward financial stability by exploring the resources below.

Financial Education Courses

Credit Dojo helps people better understand their finances through free, interactive courses on a wide range of financial topics including Budgeting Basics, Smart Spending, and Reading Your Credit Report. Each lesson comes with videos, illustrations, and examples that break down complex material into simple language for the average learner. The end of each unit comes with a quiz that tests your knowledge and mastery of the subject. Take the courses at your own pace, and jump around as needed!

McGill Personal and Financial Essentials is a free, online course with learning modules that help build your financial literacy in areas such as debt management, investing, and real estate. This course includes a certificate from McGill University upon completion.

Wills and Estates

Part of planning for the future includes the difficult but necessary process of preparing for what happens to your finances beyond your lifetime. Whether young or old, having a will or testament ensures that your wealth or property is distributed according to your wishes. The below resources can help you learn more about the legal implications of a will in your region and how to protect yourself and your loved ones from losing hard-earned savings.

Money and Finances

The Government of Canada offers a number of resources specific to managing your financial well-being using government tools and programs for taxes, retirement plans, consumer protection, educational savings, and more. Learn about the benefits and opportunities for Canadians to build their financial portfolios.

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