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Seeking Help at Times of Difficulty

This 17th century calligraphic lion from India
contains the prayer Nad-e Ali.
Aga Khan Museum



“It is You Whom we worship and it is You from Whom we seek support.”

Holy Qur’an 1:5


“Ali is from me and I am from him, and he is the protector of every true believer after me.”

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family)



In our regular daily lives, each of us faces a variety of difficulties. However, in these extraordinary and uncertain times, many of us are feeling heightened anxiety, stress, isolation, ill health, and perhaps a sense of helplessness.

The Alid Shi’a tradition, to which the Ismailis belong, is rooted in the complementarity between intellect and faith. In such times, we should be wise and rigorously follow the guidance and recommendations of governments, health care practitioners, and scientists to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy. At the same time, believers of all faiths also seek hope and courage by drawing on their faith.


Sami Yusuf - Make Me Strong


Perspectives on Facing Difficulties

Our faith tells us that struggle is the meaning of life. The Holy Qur’an presents the difficulties that we face in life as tests of our faith, saying:

“Most certainly We shall test you all, so that We might mark out those of you who strive hard and are patient in adversity…” (47:31)

Just as mistakes can be our best teachers, difficulties also show us the strength of our own convictions to seek Allah’s help. We may not always know the reasons why we face problems, but humbly and patiently bowing in submission to Allah in the face of life’s challenges allows us to grow spiritually and foster meaning. Without facing difficulties, it would be difficult to truly appreciate the need for Divine help, grace and mercy in our lives, or for us to experience spiritual growth.