Friday Night Reflections: Providing the Spark of Hope

October 23, 2020 | Canada

The 40th anniversary this year of the Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) is an opportunity to reflect on the initiatives and milestones that have made the organization what it is today. It would be impossible to celebrate the impact of AKFC, both in Canada and overseas, without recognizing the leadership, generosity, and global-mindedness that the Jamat has demonstrated through the World Partnership Walk.

This week on Friday Night Reflections, we are privileged to be joined by Khalil Z. Shariff, CEO of Aga Khan Foundation Canada and Aga Khan Foundation USA, who will sit down with Tinni Sawhney, CEO of Aga Khan Foundation India, and Dr. Claudia Hudspeth, Global Health Lead for Aga Khan Foundation, for a wide-ranging conversation that will explore the impact of AKF activities at the grassroots, how the organization is supporting some of those most affected by the pandemic, and the long-term implications of the current crisis.

We will also hear Jamati voices, including our fundraisers, volunteers, and supporters who continue to demonstrate global citizenship in action and make a lasting impact around the world. And don't miss a sneak peek of the upcoming Virtual Voyage, an immersive trip around the world taking you into the communities where AKFC is working to fight global poverty and slow the spread of COVID-19.

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