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Friday Night Reflections: The Rise of Islamophobia - Exploring the Roots of Intolerance

November 20, 2020 | Canada

In an age of growing intolerance, tribalism and fear of the other, what can our faith and the history of Muslim civilizations teach about religious pluralism and respect for diversity? Given recent events highlighting racial injustice and antipathy in particular toward Muslims, what strategies can we adopt to help break the barriers of ignorance and misperception upon which so much of this hatred rests? And can such changes best be achieved through incremental rather than rapid and revolutionary progress?

This Friday, host Zain Velji returns for a special interview with Eboo Patel, author, speaker, educator and interfaith leader. Zain and Eboo share a thoughtful and self-reflective exploration of the roots of religious bigotry and the means by which each one of us can help turn the tide of ignorance and misperception into one of interconnectedness and understanding.

Eboo Patel is the founder of Interfaith Youth Core, an international non-profit organization that aims to promote interfaith cooperation. He served as a member of President Barack Obama's inaugural Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighbourhood Partnerships. He is the author of a number of books including his 2007 autobiography, Acts of Faith and the more recent publication, Out of Many Faiths: Religious Diversity and the American Promise.

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