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Friday Night Reflections: How Are You, Really?

March 12, 2021 | Canada

This week marks one year since our Jamatkhanas were closed, introducing us to an entirely new way of life, with little warning. What ensued, both literally and figuratively, was isolating and distancing. In the midst of crisis, the need for connection to others, and to the divine, was felt by many more acutely than ever before.

This evening we will explore the importance of mental health for all of us, in these troubling times, as well as in more stable ones. How do I recognize common signs and symptoms of mental illness, in myself or in others? How do I support others with mental health concerns? How should we respond to the issue of stigma? Join host and author Riaz Meghji as he sits down with Dr. Ayaz Kurji and Alwaeza Dr. Taslim Alani-Verjee to answer these questions and more.

We are also privileged to have President Ameerally Kassim-Lakha join us to explore the importance of mentorship, networking, and of supporting each other for our collective success.


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