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Access: Jamati Services for You

Online Form Call 1-888-536-3599

ACCESS provides you with information or access to resources, within and outside the Jamat, that can help you.
Contact ACCESS via the online form 24-7 or by phone during the following hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 2pm-6pm local time.

ACCESS can assist with the following:

Bereavement Support

  • I lost a loved one and need support coping with grief and loss.

​Burial Program Inquiries

  • ​I have questions about the Burial Program (ie. how do I register, change/update my account information? or I need assistance with my account). Please contact the Burial Program team.

​​Early Childhood Education Information

  • ​What are some pre-kindergarten education options for my child who is under 5? 

Financial Information or Support

  • ​I need help doing my taxes; who can help? 

Future Ready Initiative (FRI)

  • ​I am looking for a career coaching or want to upgrade my skills – how can I connect with the Future Ready Initiative for this? I would like to learn more about FRI or become a participant in the intiative – how can I do this?

Grocery Request​

  • I need help paying for groceries; who can I speak to? ​

Housing Support

  • I need to find a new rental next month; can somebody help me find a place? 

International Student Support

  • ​I am planning to move or have moved from another country to attend university in Canada; is there support available to help me learn more about the local Jamatkhanas, programming, etc?

Pastoral Support (MKs)

  • ​I would like to be connected with the Jamati Mukhi-Kamadia Saheb(a)s of my local Jamatkhana; can they please contact me? 

Personal Will Support

  • ​Who can I speak to for support in writing my Will? 

Religious Education Support

  • Who can I speak to about registering my child for Bait-ul Ilm? ​

Rites of Passage Question

  • ​Who do I speak to about scheduling bay'ah for my child? I would like to schedule my wedding – who can I speak with? 

Senior Support

  • I am a senior and would like to learn more about the in-person programming taking place. How do I get registered? ​

​Settlement Support

  • ​I am moving to Canada, or have moved to Canada from another country – what are the required documents I need to line up?

​Social Support

  • ​I would like to learn more about the Special Kin Inclusion Program (SKIP).

Youth and Sports Information

  • What days do drop-in sports happen and how can I register? 
  • I would like to know more details on this year's camps.  


  • ​​I would like to report an incident that took place.

​Immediate Employment/Job Readiness Support

  • I am in need of a job and need support in obtaining employment.


General/Other Question

  • I have a question that doesn’t fall into the categories listed. ​
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