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Bait-ul Ilm (BUI) is a religious education program for Ismaili children and youth between the ages of 4 and 17 years. Students are guided to explore aspects of Islam relating to ethics, thought, and culture among Muslim societies and specifically within the Ismaili Tariqah using a broad educational framework. ​Through a wide range of learning opportunities, BUI instils confidence in students as they actively shape their identities. It provides students with meaningful opportunities to connect with their peers and feel a sense of community belongingness. Through this, students are inspired to live by the principles of our faith and take action that uplifts the communities in which they live.

Pre-Primary (4 to 5-years-old)

Designed for students aged 48 to 60 months, the Pre-Primary program is parented and introduces four-year-olds to the foundational aspects of our faith. Students explore our ethical principles, our history, themselves, and the world around them through experiential and play-based learning initiatives.

In-person and online options are available.

Primary (Kindergarten to Grade 6)

For students in kindergarten through grade six, the Primary program takes students on an epic journey through our history, where they walk in the footsteps of our community over the centuries, dive into our rich intellectual and literary traditions, and become inspired by the resilience and progress of the Jamat through the guidance of the Imam of the Time.

In-person and online options are available.

Grades 7-10
Grades 7 & 8: Students will explore Muslim Societies and Civilizations through an experiential approach both inside and beyond the classroom to enable them to build community, learn with their peers, and see the relevance of faith in their lives. Through their learning, students will be guided to understand how their values and beliefs as Shia Ismaili Muslims can inspire the way in which they engage in and contribute to the societies they live in. Grade 7/8 classes are available in-person or online.
Grades 9 & 10: Students will explore Encounters in Muslim History through an experiential approach both inside and beyond the classroom to enable them to build community, learn with their peers, and see the relevance of faith in their lives. Students will be supported to reflect on the encounters they have with others around them, and how our values and beliefs as Shia Ismaili Muslims ought to guide these interactions. Grade 9/10 classes are available in-person or online.
BUI Legacy (Grades 11-12)
BUI Legacy is about exploring self, engaging with the world and our role in it now and in the future. Through Legacy, you will reflect on how your faith can help you investigate and achieve your own aspirations. In BUI Legacy you will:
  • Meet peers in your region and across the country and make lifelong friendships,
  • Have access to carefully curated knowledge and skills workshops that mentors in your region and across Canada can offer,
  • Participate in field visits, attend retreats to broaden your horizons,
  • Learn about “Life after High School”, visit universities and meet with university students,
  • Take on leadership roles and address an issue of importance to you and your community.
  • BUI Legacy is available both in-person and online.
Encounters TEDEd Club
This is a BUI Class and an official TED-Ed Club. This program will be available in-person only in BC (Burnaby Lake) and Ontario (Willowdale & Meadowvale). However, it will also be offered online to students in all regions. Students work with peers, mentors and teachers to develop a TEDEd Student Talk that can be shared with the world. They can also get involved in leadership and mentorship opportunities and participate in our student-led conference, IlluminaTED. Please note the above locations are subject to change.
Frequently Asked Questions
BUI Student Registration

Beginning in September 2022, in-person learning will again be available for all BUI students. We will continue to offer online learning options for families that require it.

In-person classes will start at 90 minutes for Pre-Primary and range from two to three hours for all other grades, depending on location. Online classes will vary from 30 minutes for lower grades to 90 minutes for upper grades. In both cases, students will have the ability to access learning content on the Virtual Learning Centre (VLC) at any time.

For returning students, parents will receive individual links for each of their children from ITREB IT Services. Emails will be sent between Saturday, May 13 and Saturday, May 20. Please check your junk or spam folders if you cannot locate them.

For new students, parents can complete the New Student Registration Form

Volunteer with BUI

Pre-Primary and Primary BUI are only possible due to the generosity of our valued volunteers. Opportunities are now available for teaching positions, as well as an array of leadership and support positions. Volunteers can serve in person or online.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete this form.

Virtual Learning Centre (VLC)

The VLC offers students access to their lessons, allowing them to catch up on missed classes or dive more deeply into concepts. There are also activities for families to complete together as well as engaging content on our festivals and celebrations.

Visit the VLC.

IIS Curriculum

The Institute of Ismaili Studies has developed three sets of curricula, which form the basis of the learning at BUI. These include the Pre-Primary, Ta’lim, and Secondary curricula.

In an exciting development this year, a large portion of these materials are available in digital format. The nominal fee provides a multi-year subscription that can be used on numerous devices. To purchase a subscription, please visit your local Literature Centre.


Our committed teams are here to support you in any area. Feel free to contact your regional teams at the following email addresses:

You may also seek technical support for all Virtual Learning Centre (VLC) issues by emailing

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