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Emergency Preparedness

As global temperatures rise, natural disasters are becoming more intense, frequent, and unpredictable. Each year,  thousands of Canadian families are adversely affected by emergency situations that impact their lives. With the support of Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) Canada, we want to ensure that every single member of the Jamat is prepared for natural and man-made disasters, and is self-sufficient, protected and assisted before, during and  after a crisis.  

Our goal is to build resiliency and increase readiness at the household and institutional levels by raising awareness within the Jamat, and taking the necessary steps to be prepared to better cope during an emergency.​ 


How to Prepare for an Emergency:

Disasters are often unexpected by their very nature, leaving little time, if any, to prepare. It is important to take action now and prepare to reduce the impact of disasters to your family and home. Start your preparedness journey today – know the risks in your city, get an Emergency Kit, and develop a Family Emergency Plan using the resources below. For additional information, please visit FOCUS Canada.