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Management Training Program: Developing Leadership Skills

The Management Training Program aims to enhance the leadership, professional, and management capacity of members of the diverse Canadian Jamat, including those from Afghanistan, East Africa, Tajikistan, India, Pakistan, Iran and Syria. ​ 

Participants will build valuable knowledge and skills that are applicable both to their service in Jamati institutions and their personal and professional lives. The program operates once a year with sessions across three weekends.  

We offer the following development opportunities:

  • Knowledge of the Ismaili Institutions: Leadership share the historical development, core mandates, approaches, progress, plans and areas of further development in their respective Boards or Portfolios.​
  • Interactive Training Sessions: Participants will develop their skills in management and leadership to benefit their community service and professional lives.​
  • Service Placement: Participants may have the opportunity to serve in Jamati institutions and hone their enhanced management and leadership skills.

For registration and further details, please contact  ​