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Mediation Services

If you have been in a conflict with another person, you know that a dispute can have significant financial and emotional costs.  How you deal with a dispute makes all the difference. 

Instead of the costly and public nature of going to court, mediation offers a way for people to peacefully solve their dispute with certainty and privacy. 

Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process in which trained and neutral mediators help people to solve their own problem.  Mediators do not give advice, decide who is right or wrong, or take sides.  Mediation services are based on the ethical values and principles of Islam (including understanding, compassion, dialogue, forgiveness, and generosity) and comply with Canadian and provincial laws. 


We provide free and confidential mediation services in the following areas: 


  • Spousal and child support 

  • Parenting arrangements 

  • Separation / Divorce 

  • Division of property 

  • Other areas relating to the separation


  • Business and partnership disputes 

  • Employment disputes 

  • Other civil and property matters 

Elder and Estate 

  • Inheritance and estate issues 

  • Healthcare choices 

  • Burial decisions


If you want more information or would like to start the mediation process, please contact our regional teams below or visit