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Emergency Preparedness - Businesses

The Aga Khan Economic Planning Board is pleased to provide the Canadian Jamat with information and resources to support their preparation in the event of natural disasters for individuals, families and businesses.

Natural disasters while not frequent, can happen at any moment, and the Jamat is advised to protect themselves with comprehensive insurance coverage from the financial fallout of such disasters such as with earthquakes, floods and extreme weather.

We encourage members of the Jamat to actively assess their risk, understand the implications and consult appropriate insurance professionals, starting with your current insurance provider, to secure protection for their personal and financial assets. 



Description of Resource


Small Business Information and Tools

Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR)


Small Business General Tools and Information on Catastrophic Loss



Emergency Preparedness For Your Business

Insurance Bureau of Canada

This guide is intended to help you safeguard your business by preparing for the unexpected.



How Prepared Are You & Your Business For A Disaster?

Insurance Bureau of Canada

Steps you can take to ensure you and your business have the resources to navigate the challenges and have an emergency preparedness plan ready.



Protecting Your Small Business

Insurance Bureau of Canada

Emergency preparedness information for business owners.



Business Insurance & You

Insurance Bureau of Canada


Basic steps you should take to protect your business.



Preparing Your Business For The Worst

Insurance Bureau of Canada


Tips regarding emergency preparedness and business continuity planning.



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