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Healthy Eating - Five to Thrive

Eating healthy does not have to be complicated. It’s really as simple as starting with whole food, mostly plants and choosing to drink water over other beverages. This is because whole food is food that has not had anything added to it, or any nutrients taken away. Eating whole foods and plants which have all the vitamins, minerals and compounds to protect and repair our bodies allows us to function at our best. By choosing to eat more whole foods and more plants, you are taking a first step towards better health!
  • For example, an apple is a whole food, but apple juice is not since it likely has sugar and preservatives added to it, as well as fiber/nutrients removed. 
  • Whole, plant foods include fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds. 
We are here to help you get started. Moving towards a whole-food, plant-focused way of eating doesn't have to happen all at once. You can start with the small steps below:
  1. Take a look at our infographic on Healthy Eating for five steps to help you eat better gradually. 
  2. When you are consistent with the first step, move on to the next steps. 
  3. Keep coming back to visit the Healthy Eating page, which includes recipe ideas, links to vetted resources like the Canada Food Guide and much more. 
Healthy Eating Infographic

Read our infographic to learn five easy ways to eat healthier!


Healthy Recipe Videos

Check out some of our favourite Healthy Eating cooking videos and follow along with the recipes when cooking at home!


Sehat Salad or Sehat Chaat


Healthy Recipes

Read our favourite Healthy Eating recipes from The.Ismaili and have fun when cooking at home!

Spicy Summer Rolls

Moong Bean Soup

Aloo Gobi

Mixed Vegetable Curry


Healthy Bytes Podcast with Amina Govindji RD
Join Azmina Govindji, a Registered Dietician and Nutritionist, in this Healthy Bytes Podcast from The Aga Khan Health Board UK as she discusses healthy eating, a balanced diet and changes we can be making during this time to improve our health and wellbeing.


YouTube Link

The Canada Food Guide

Learn more about the Canada Food Guide, the guidelines which our Healthy Eating recommendations are based on:

Canada Food Guide

Healthy Eating News Article

Check out our latest news article by Nadia Pabani, RD, MScAHN, CDE!

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