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Influencing Best Practices in Nursing

November 5, 2020 | Canada

Dr. Salima Ladak and Moderator Naureen Lakhani will discuss the importance of leadership in nursing and the role it plays in sustaining best practices. They will delve specifically into pain management practices, and factors associated with the related successes, opportunities, and challenges. They will also explore the implications this has on patient care, specifically during the current pandemic, as it relates to care.


Dr. Salima Ladak is a nurse practitioner and clinician scientist (Ph.D.) with the University Health Network (UHN).  With more than 15 years of patient care and leadership experience at the UHN and internationally, she specializes in pain management for a wide range of health conditions - including pain in the context of substance use disorder. Her research interests include post-operative pain outcomes related to function, understanding health professional educational needs, as well as program outcomes and impact. She has received numerous leadership awards, and she is a mentor to inter-professional staff as well as medical and nursing students. Dr. Ladak provides leadership to advanced practice nurses in the delivery of programs that improve both knowledge and practice of pain management at the patient point of care.  She was a critical member of the founding team of the Toronto General Hospital Transitional Pain Service. Dr. Ladak attributes her professional success in large part to the leadership and values acquired through Jamati volunteer work, which she has been involved with since she was six years old.

Naureen Lakhani is a public health nurse working with the Region of Peel Public Health. Naureen works at the Infant Feeding program in the Family Health division. Her current role is within the public health COVID-19 response, in which she completes case and contact management, as well as workplace exposure investigations. From working with babies to pivoting to changing needs due to the pandemic, Naureen has enthusiastically been able to experience a wide range of topics in the spectrum of Public Health. Naureen is an event co-lead at the Ismaili Nurses Alliance

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