We are living at a time of unprecedented change for Canadians. At times like these, it is common to wonder about your destiny and the journey you are on. We often explore opportunities for personal and professional growth, as individuals and as families.

With the assistance of trained professionals, you will identify personal goals and dreams, and together develop a plan and carve out a path for you to achieve those goals. A plan can include finding a place to live, getting involved in the community, or possibly finding a new career.

The Future Ready Initiative brings together five programs in unison with other Jamati services. These include:

Family Mentorship Program

This program provides professional support to Jamati members who want to build a plan to transform their lives and those of their families. It covers areas such as Early Childhood Development, housing, health and other social supports.

Future of Work. Future of Business.

This program helps Jamati members looking to identify and transition to new career pathways where there are opportunities for growth and development. Pilot programs have already been launched along with a website with more information for the Jamat.

For inquiries, please contact us at futureofwork@iicanada.net.

Mental Health

This program will support the Jamat to build awareness of mental health challenges, resiliency within every family, and confidence to deal with the stresses and challenges of everyday life.

Youth Mentorship

Youth Mentorship is an initiative designed to meet the evolving academic, career and personal goals of young members of the Jamat. Mentoring is defined as the relationship between a caring more experienced or wiser volunteer and a young person. Through participation in educational, recreation and social activities (in-person or virtual) with the volunteer mentor, a mentoring relationship provides a young person with academic support, friendship, guidance, and a constructive role model.